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Bear Archery Scout Youth

Bear Archery Scout Youth


Pros & Cons


  • Firstly, the versatile design and customisation options aren’t just made for children, they will also come in handy if you are training within an enclosed space. If you find yourself hunting with very little room, this bow could actually be the one you’re looking for because it offers something different to many others in terms of versatility.
  • Secondly, the bow comes with a stabiliser and a string suppressor which will come in handy if you are looking to hunt on the quiet. One of the biggest problems that hunters face is a loud load and shot but this device offers the opposite to allow you to stay hidden and fire quietly.
  • Finally, you will receive everything you need to get going right out of the box. Sometimes, you find yourself looking for attachments or having to buy them separately but Bear Archery does a good job of providing their customers with what they need.


  • We have discussed the speed of the bow previously and although it won’t be a problem if you are looking for a bow designed for target practice or small- to medium-sized prey, it will not be able to stand up to some of the professional bows. With some devices reaching 360/370fps, ongoing research suggests that we may even reach 400fps one day; this puts 310fps in the shadows a little. However, all of this is irrelevant if you aren’t looking for a professional bow.

What’s Included

  • String suppressor and stabilizer


QWhat is the let-off?

QFor this bow, the let-off is 75%.

QWill this be enough for deer?

QThe power and accuracy provided should be plenty for deer and similar-sized prey such as hog, elk, etc.

QWhat is included?

QWith the bow, you will also receive a peep sight, regular sight, quiver, rest, and more. The only thing you may have to buy, if this is your first bow, is a release and some arrows.

QIs it right-handed?

QYes, this bow is designed for right-handed users.


Although this bow has been designed with children and enclosed spaces in mind, it definitely isn’t the main feature as it makes for a fantastic piece of equipment. Not only does it provide accuracy, it also gives enough power for long distances as well as medium-sized prey. Sure, if you have a child or teenager and want to get them involved in archery, go ahead and order this product but by no means is it exclusive to this market. Primarily, this bow is a stunning piece of equipment for beginners and experts alike.

Every single year, archery and hunting are two areas that increase in popularity with people of all ages looking to buy a new bow. For this reason, manufacturers have to respond and they do so with new products every so often. With this, it can be hard to know which bows would serve you well and which don’t even deserve the time of day so we have taken that pressure right from your hands by producing a series of bow reviews. Today, we have the Bear Archery Cruzer Compound Bow.


When looking for a new bow, two of the main specifications that are checked above all else are the draw weight and draw length so let’s take a look at these before we go any further. This Cruzer bow has one of the most incredible draw length ranges you will find as it goes from 12 inches all the way up to 30 inches and the reason for this will be explained in the next section.

In terms of draw weight, you will enjoy a vast weight range from 5 to 70 pounds and there is a key reason for this which, again, we will go through in the design section. Away from the two main sections, this bow offers 310 feet per second which is a little slower than some of the similar models on the market but not too much. If you were to shoot them side-by-side, only eagle-eyed viewers would be able to tell the difference in entry speed.

When you convert this to miles per hour, the difference becomes minimal. All in all, you have a huge number of combinations between the draw weight and length so after time, you will find a setup that feels comfortable, offers the right amount of power, and allows you to stay accurate time and time again.


So we previously touched upon the fact that this bow has an amazingly vast range in both the draw length and the draw weight category and although we keep repeating this, there is an important reason for this. Bear Archery has decided to aim this product at a variety of different age ranges and they have actively said that they want the performance to be available for the parent, as well as the child.

With that in mind, the design has been made child-friendly but that isn’t to say that it is a children’s toy; let’s not forget that it can be set to 30 inches draw length and 70 pounds draw weight. However, the 12 inch length combined with the 5 lbs weight is the perfect place for young children to start if you want them to get in on your hobby.

In addition to this, the frame is made from aluminium and boasts a brace height of 6.5 inches, an axle to axle of 32 inches and finally, a weight of 3.6 pounds. This bow is definitely on the lighter side of the market which can help with accuracy and makes it easy to store and carry around.


In terms of pricing, there are a number of different options depending on where you order from and we have a few listed down below:

  • Amazon – $379.99
  • Bear Archery (suggested price) – $499.99
  • Merlin Archery – $499.99
  • Bass Pro Shops – $399.99
  • Bow Sports – $419.99

As you can see, Amazon has the best price available and will also allow you to choose from a number of different delivery options. Also, the support that you will receive with Amazon makes it a no-brainer.


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